Paws & Claws Animal Encounters

At Paws & Claws Animal Encounters, we are the home of Ohio's first hands-on otter encounters and also the first USDA licensed facility in the country to offer Painting with Otters!

Located at the Gateway to Hocking Hills - Bremen, Ohio, we're an hour's trip from Columbus and 20 minutes from downtown Lancaster. 

When you book an encounter with us you'll also be able to tour part of our farm and meet some of our other incredible animals. This can include seeing our camels, yaks, mini cows, capybaras, red foxes, porcupines, and more! 

We are open by appointment only and are not open to the general public. When you book an encounter you will receive our address along with specific directions as sometimes GPS systems forget we're here!

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Public Encounters are $79 per person. This encounter lasts approximately an hour and twenty to an hour and thirty minutes and includes 5 species, including the otters.

Private Encounters are $400 for up to 4 people. This lasts around 1 hour and includes 4 species, including the otters. You can do this all on your own or have up to 4 people for the same price. Each additional person is $89. You may add the sloth to the encounter for an additional $200. 

Sloth Encounters are $50 per person. This encounter lasts 30 minutes and you can feed and pet our two-toed sloth while learning about their diet environmental needs, conservation, and more!

Painting with Otters is $100 per person. This lasts 45 minutes and includes all painting supplies.

Capybara Encounters are $50 per person. This lasts 30 minutes and you will be able to feed and pet our capybaras and learn about their habitat, conservation and many more cool facts!

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable. If you're unable to attend your scheduled date we will reschedule one time within the next 12 months.

Additional information for each encounter can be found in the links below.

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